Camping on Great Barrier Island

Camping on Great Barrier Island - Top 5 Things You Need To Know

Great Barrier Island Camping - Top 5 Things You Need To Know

Things to Do on Great Barrier Island

We've had a lot of questions coming in to us over the last few months regarding the logistics of camping on Great Barrier Island.  With some of the best coastal campgrounds in the whole of NZ, you'll want to make sure you are well equipped and well informed to enjoy the experience to the max.  That's where we come in.  Once you arrive and pick up your Great Barrier Island rental car with Stay High Island Camping Co., you will be ready to explore everything the island has to offer.   Here's what is helpful to keep in mind prior to your trip to Great Barrier Island.

1.  Bookings.  Bookings can be made online through the DOC website.  As of December 2023, the cost per night per person to use these facilities is $15 per adult.  Bookings are only essential in the busy time around Christmas and New Year.  At all other times, you can allow yourself some flexibility and pay for campground fee upon arrival.

2.  Facilities.  Each DOC campground has toilets, a cooking shelter, and non-potable water.  We supply drinking water for the entirety of your trip, so no need to worry about having to boil water to drink.  If it is raining or windy, you will be able to take cover under the large cooking shelter, so you will always be able to be safe and out of the elements if need be.

3.  Food & Supplies.  There are no food or supplies available for purchase at any of the DOC campgrounds.  Make sure to bring some of your favourites from home or purchase some at the local shops before settling in for the night.

4.  Power.  As all of the DOC campgrounds on Great Barrier Island are basic, there is no means to charge up the batteries of any equipment.  However, our rental cars do come with charging ports in which a USB charging cable can attach to.  So while you are out exploring, make sure to charge up.

5.  Rubbish.  There are no rubbish facilities at any of the DOC campgrounds.  We do supply rubbish bags in our rental cars for you to fill up as you go.  We ask that you store your rubbish outside, hung up in a tree overnight, as opposed to in the car.  You may dispose of your rubbish at the local tip or bring your rubbish to us upon check out and we can dispose of it for you. 

* Freedom Camping is NOT allowed anywhere on Great Barrier Island, and doing so is against our Terms & Conditions.

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