Great Barrier Island walks

Top 5 Walking Tracks on Great Barrier Island

Great Barrier Island Walking Tracks: Top 5 Walking Tracks on Great Barrier Island 

Things to do on Great Barrier Island

Visiting Great Barrier Island is an off the beaten path experience not to be underestimated. Located just a 30 minute plane ride from Auckland Domestic Airport, be prepared to step into another realm, seemingly as far away from Auckland as you can get.  Once you arrive and grab your Great Barrier Island car rental with Stay High Island Camping Co., your adventure awaits.  There are plenty of thigs to do on Great Barrier Island, and here we will cover some of the best walking tracks.

The island is blanketed by dense native bush crawling all the way down to empty golden beaches with some of the most stunning coastline in the country.  Accessing the beauty is easy, with impressive walking tracks that take you to some of the best parts of Great Barrier Island.  

  1. Windy Canyon and the Aotea Track: Prepare to be blown away—literally—by the mesmerizing Windy Canyon. This natural wonder showcases the island's rugged beauty, with steep cliffs and wind-carved rock formations that create a surreal landscape. Take a hike along the trail and take in the panoramic views that stretch across the island and out to the vast ocean beyond.
  2. Harataonga Coastal Track: Lace up your hiking boots and venture along the Harataonga Coastal Track, a scenic trail that winds its way along the north eastern part of the island's stunning coastline. Immerse yourself in nature as you traverse through lush forests, above golden sandy beaches, and past dramatic cliffs. Keep an eye out for native birdlife and enjoy the serenity of this untouched paradise.
  3. Awana Falls (Tramline Track): Cool off and rejuvenate in the refreshing Awana Falls. This hidden gem offers a refreshing oasis where you can swim in crystal-clear waters beneath an impressive waterfall.
  4. Kaitoke Hot Springs:  The natural hot pools are geothermal springs that offer a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Soak in the warm waters surrounded by native bush and enjoy the tranquil ambiance.  
  5. Te Ahumata:  The White Cliffs at Te Ahumata are a surprisingly short walk from the road at Okupu.  It weaves through manuka before finishing atop the mountain with epic views over the southern and western side of the island.
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