• Our Story

    Welcome to Stay High Island Camping Co: Great Barrier Island Car Rental and Accommodation in 1!

    In a day and age where reconnecting with yourself and disconnecting from what doesn’t serve you is becoming more and more important, experiencing the incredible beaches, walks, waterfalls, campgrounds, peace, and tranquillity that Great Barrier Island has to share provides the real Great Reset.

    We first found the island in 2011, and on a spiritual level we never left.  It has shaped who we are and what we have become.  In having our friends and family come visit over the years, we have seen them too be incredibly impacted by their visit, leaving rejuvenated and supercharged.  It was awesome to send them off on their way with one of our cars to get amongst the unlimited amount of adventures on the island, and then see them come back wild-eyed and excited.  

    With the increasing demand of both rental cars and accommodation and the increasing cost of the latter, we bridge the gap in providing fellow adventurers with an easy, affordable, unique, and convenient way to explore The Barrier. We strive for low impact in creating a transport and accommodation in 1 alternative, allowing you to enjoy Great Barrier Island camping, easy cooking, and epic adventuring at your own pace.    

    Stay High in our roof top tent, or Stay Grounded in our Kathmandu tents with all inclusive camping and cooking gear while cruising the island in style.

Our Location

  • Aotea, Great Barrier Island

    Aotea (Great Barrier Island) is located off the coast of New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland. You can get here by jumping on a ½ hour flight from Auckland Domestic Airport with Barrier Air, or by taking the vehicle barge with Sealink. The barge departs from Downtown Auckland several times per week and lands in Tryphena Harbour. This is a great option if you have the time and want to try your luck seeing some sea life during your 5 hour voyage.

    For more info on how to get to the Island, check out Sealink or Great Barrier Airlines